Industry Panel I: Keeping up with Technology


The technology industry is still emerging, with new innovations advancing the field seemingly every day. This panel will talk about the challenges of keeping up with technology changes, strategies for technology life-long learning, and managing a technology career. Hear from each of panelists on their personal technology journeys as well as how they help their organizations and personnel choose the best technology path for their future.



Mindy Berthold | Director Stores Systems | Macy’s, Inc.

Jacqueline Cahill | Cat Digital | Data Engineer 1 Caterpillar

Tracy Oriti Director | Quality Assurance | OE Connection



Industry Panel II: Building a Career in Technology



The technology industry is so vast, with many different career options and a wide range of paths to achieve career goals. This panel will talk about choices, comparing and contrasting opportunities with different size organizations, different types of organizations, and the variety of technology career options. It will also explore some of the ways to build a career that will allow for career growth and maintaining desired life-work balance. Hear from each of the panelists about their personal career journeys as well as their advice on building a technology career that is aligned with your career goals.



Annie Baymiller Director | Global Information Services | Owens Corning

Cyndee Burke | Vice President, Admin CoE, (Information Technology) | Eaton Corporation

Deborah Kilgore | Founder and CEO | Preferred Consulting Group


Academic Panel I: Graduate



Provide insight into types of higher degrees, review tips for preparing for preparing for grad school, TA opportunities, how to succeed and more!  Educator and student views will be represented in the panel.



Amy Copus | Academic Program Coordinator | Kent State

Chris Kiel | CSE Senior Lecturer | Ohio State University



Academic Panel II: Undergraduate Students



Discuss opportunities that are available for undergraduate students and benefits of taking advantage of them.  These include internships, research, career or graduate school preparation (e.g. activities to enhance your resume), and more!



Jong Kwan Lee | Chair of the Department oF Computer Science | Bowling Green State University
Cindy Marling | Associate Professor | Ohio University