Success is NaN
In the real world, we need to define our own measurements. There are no grades, there's no one holding you accountable for your actions, it's up to you. You are responsible to define and measure your own success. With over 20 years of experience as a software developer and leader, Mel will take you through her non-linear journey towards leadership, pointing out potholes, cliffs, and even some interesting scenic routes along the way. Join in, discover your North Star, and give yourself latitude for getting there.

Founder and CEO of We Can Code IT, Crainís Cleveland 2014 Woman of Note, Tech Czar / Cleveland.com Top Ten Tech Evangelist in 2017, and software engineer and architect with over 20 years of professional experience, Mel McGee has worked with clients like Tyco International, DeLorean Motor company, and hundreds of others to develop software. Her programming experience translated to the classroom nearly as

soon as she began coding.


An experienced educator, she has taught computer science and engineering subjects to kids, teens, and adults at We Can Code IT, colleges, and overseas. Melís knowledge of over 20 programming languages allows her to adapt the curriculum to students in a variety of ways. As a certified Scrum master and a Gestalt trained facilitator, Melís interests in collaborative work are woven throughout We Can Code ITís culture and

classroom experience.


Her love for sharing her creative computing techniques has not gone unnoticed. Her innovative early wearable computer was featured in Howard Rheingoldís book Smart Mobs. Her web development expertise was featured in books like Curt Harlerís Beyond the Browser. She has been featured on NPR, publications like Motor World, Crainís Cleveland Business, Clevelandís Plain Dealer, and many more. Her artificial intelligence

bots, Zoe-bot and Skeletor-bot, have been entertaining the masses online and at community events since the early 2000s. She continues to enjoy innovating with artificial intelligence.


She has a daughter who is learning how to program, and two dogs who follow her everywhere they possibly can.