Student Chapter Highlight: Univ of Toledo

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On a more or less regular basis, we would like to highlight Ohio student chapters. The students are the next generation and we need to support them as best we can. Student chapters: if you have a cool thing you want a lot of people to know about, and/or need speakers, mentors, or guidance.. please let us know. Your chapter president has been given all the contact info. OK, on to it:

The University of Toledo is going through a rebuilding stage, with new officers and a new focus. Two questions for the membership

  • What are you doing to increase enrollment of underrepresented students? How to you get new folk to take a look at your majors?
  • Any suggestions for speakers or events?

Let’s use Facebook or Twitter to have a conversation on these two topics. We can expand question one to: small programs (especially SLACs!) how are you looking at increasing enrollment? And really big programs: what are you doing for oversubscribed classes? What happens to those students who were closed out? What are your recommendations?

Looking forward to your input!