#SheIsWhyICode – Who inspires you?

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During Women’s History Month, ACM is launching a social media campaign encouraging computing professionals and students to use the hashtag #SheIsWhyICode to share stories of women who have inspired them at any point in their career or education. 

We would like to invite you to participate and to spread the word to your chapter members and personal network about this initiative during the month of March. 

Posts to your favorite social networks can take the form of videos, photos, or text, and we encourage both women and men to take part in this conversation. The women highlighted in these posts might be (but are certainly not limited to): 

 – A particular highly accomplished technical woman who piqued your earliest fascination with computing

 – A colleague who pushed you forward and helped you become who you are today

 – A contemporary woman whose work you particularly admire

You can find additional information about this campaign at: https://www.acm.org/sheiswhyicode