Penn Fellows Program at Hathaway Brown School (Shaker Heights, Ohio)

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Hathaway Brown School will appoint one recent college graduate interested in pursuing teaching careers in Computer Science and Math as a Penn Teaching Fellow beginning the next school year.

The two-year program enables Fellows to earn an M.S.Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania through a teaching residency at Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Learn to Teach by Teaching

With the guidance of faculty mentors, Penn Fellows participate in the full life of the school and build the skills to design and sustain exceptional learning environments as teachers.

Fellows teach two classes at Hathaway Brown, and are involved in two seasons of coaching a team sport, or the equivalent in advising an extracurricular activity. Fellows work closely with a highly experienced teacher and will be involved in a range of unique and inspiring professional development opportunities.

A Powerful Cohort and Relevant Coursework

Fellows participate in regular seminars at the University of Pennsylvania and will join a cohort of dedicated educators in a collaborative learning community, involving 20-25 Fellows in a dozen other independent day schools. The two-year program involves summer work and three weekend sessions at Penn and other independent schools in the consortium each year, as well as online work with the cohort of Fellows from other schools throughout the year.


Additional components include: salary, housing stipend, health insurance, and tuition contribution by Hathaway Brown.

Through participation in the program, Fellows combine classroom experience and a deep understanding of pedagogy, developing a foundation for exceptional practice and leadership in the teaching field.

The program begins with a week of coursework at Penn in June, then continues at HB beginning August 2020.

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