2023-2024 OCWiC Executive Committee

President, Rachelle Kristof Hippler

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelle-kristof-hippler

Rachelle’s history with the organization and her experience with leadership in ACM-W will be valuable to her understanding of how to lead OCWiC and help continue its growth.

Nominator’s Statement

Rachelle Kristof Hippler is an Associate Professor of Software Engineering at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, OH (near Cleveland). Before joining the faculty at BW, Rachelle was a member of the faculty at Bowling Green State University for 17 years, where she held various leadership roles, including Faculty Senate Chair. Before her academic career, Rachelle was a consulting manager at Ernst & Young LLP in their IT Consulting Practice.

Rachelle is the chair for ACM-W’s Professional Chapters worldwide. Locally, she has been involved with the OCWiC conference since it started in 2005, holding positions of General Chair and Logistics Chair. When the OCWIC chapter was established in 2018, Rachelle held the officer position of Vice President for two years and President last year.

Vice President, Ashley Kline-Tozzi

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleyklinetozzi

Ashley brings professionalism and leadership to everything she does. She is an organized and calm team leader who never gets overwhelmed or distracted by events. With her industry background, Ashley would bring a different perspective to the OCWiC organization that would help it evolve into a more inclusive community support organization.

Nominator’s Statement
Ashley Kline-Tozzi

Ashley Kline-Tozzi is a Senior Engineering Manager at Wisp, Inc.. She obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Strayer University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University.  She began her career as a Web application developer with a love of learning and wanting to understand the business processes in order to provide the right solutions.

It is because of that desire to understand and create what the business needs to be successful, she decided to shift gears a bit and moved into a product owner/manager role. In this role she worked with senior leadership to build solutions and managed a small team. She has always had a passion for helping people learn and grow. She knew she wanted to manage building people just as much, if not more, as building software. That led her to her role as an Engineering Manager at Beam Dental where she is responsible for helping her team continue to strengthen and grow their skills.

In addition to her work experiences, she has been an active participant in the Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing events. She attended as a student and moved to volunteering as an industry professional performing resume reviews, program development and most recently the role of General Chair and Vice Chair of the OCWiC Chapter. She has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to connect with, encourage, and “pull back the curtain” for students to see there are many opportunities in the world of computing!

Lastly, but most important, Ashley has a daughter.  They play games, complete puzzles and build things together.  Her daughter loves math and hopefully always will!

Treasurer, Navneet Grant

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/navneet-chattha-grant

Navi brings experience from three different universites CSU, Findlay, and BW that will helpful as we expand OCWiC’s support across Ohio. Her dedication to esuring the logistics for OCIWC ’23 were perfectly executed will be invaluable as she deepens her experience in the role of Treasurer.

Nominator’s Statement

Navneet Grant is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Baldwin Wallace University.  Prior to joining BW, she served as Associate Professor of Computer Science at Findlay University, and adjunct professor at Cleveland State University.

Within the OCWIC Chapter, Navi served as Logistics Chair for the Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing (OCWiC ’23) and is already working on the logistics for OCWiC ’25.