Leadership Memberships – OCWiC ACMW

OCWiC ACM-W Professional Chapter members come from different stages of their career, from different domains and with different needs and interests. 

Membership provides services of value and benefits for everyone.  #OCWiC4Everyone

Membership is available with flexible requirements at each level, and the values of membership grow with your career.

Leadership members are our Chapter MVPs – Most Valued Professionals. At this level, you are one of the selected group that create and oversee the programs and activities of the OCWiC ACMW Professional Chapter Community and Celebration.

You get all of the benefits of Professional Membership, write for the blog/newsletter, and attend our annual Leadership Summit.

Dues / 2 years

$15, or 1+ years in Leadership and/ or Officer role


All Student Member Level Benefits, plus

All Professional Member Level Benefits, plus

+ Leadership and officer positions

Council – Executive Level Positions oversee of all OCWiC projects, finances, processes

Celebration – Chair Level Positions, ensure effective and enjoyable conference

Community – Ring Leaders, manage overlapping rings of interest in OCWiC ACM-W

+ Annual 2-day Summit (incl. meals, room)

+ Contribute to blog, newsletter and other publications