Girls of Color Hack #CBus

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More than 50 girls from Franklin County high schools came to Franklin University over two days to hack #CBUS. Sponsored by AT&T and TECH CORPS, this was the first event of it’s kind in Columbus.

Girls of Color Hack #CBUS is a positive initiative helping girls to build apps intended to empower young women.

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Olivia Evans is a junior at Pickerington Central High School, “We have like a social page for when there’s like social problems like relationships like when there are red flags in life, abusive relationships and stuff,” she said from the event sponsored by non-profit Tech Corps.

Marjorie Mendez says encouraging others to collaborate is part of the theme and not easy at this age, “Especially in technology fields where you don’t see a lot of us in here it’s really nice to like see a room full of people who think just the way you do.”

The friendships form instantly and the results can be impactful, especially when creating things like websites to help young girls who are struggling with everyday issues of growing up. “It’s honestly really fun and empowering to learn something that you think of in your mind and be on a computer screen for millions to see,” Mendez said.

It is certainly not the most common way we see teenagers using technology these days and Mendez believes that just adds to the experience,

“I take away something new that I’ve never done before and other people have never done before. And then we take away a memory that only we have.”

Tech Corps says this is just one of many programs it offers, and hopes it inspires young people to consider technology fields in the future.