Call-for-Posts: Events, Celebration

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OCWiC is launching a new feature to increase engagement within our Ohio Community of Women in Computing.


Each month we will have a different theme, and you are invited to send in your posts on that theme. You may write an opinion, share your experience, or contribute related research on that theme. A selection of these will be published on our blog, social media and in our newsletter.

If you’d like to take part, then pull up a keyboard and send us your post to match one of the themes below.


In order to give you time to send in your articles, here are the themes for the coming months. The deadline for submissions is the 21st of the previous month. Thus, the deadline for February 2020’s submissions is January 21, 2020.

  • FEBRUARY 2020: Events, Celebration
  • MARCH 2020: ACM-W chapters
  • APRIL 2020: Corporate culture, Current issues
  • MAY 2020: Technical Research
  • JUNE 2020: Virtual spaces, Online Communities
  • JULY 2020: Hackathons, Bootcamps
  • AUGUST 2020: Industry, Jobs


Interpret these themes, and write a brief post of less than 500 words. You can get as creative or literal as you like. You may submit opinions, experiences, articles, research, memes, poetry and short fiction. Please include the title of theme in the subject line of your message and remember to add your name and your organization and rank. You may also include a short bio. The more details you give, the better your chance of being selected.

Send your text and 1-2 related images to us at