ASPIRE Summer High School Opportunity

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The ASPIRE workshop is for high school women who are entering the 10th, 11th or 12th grades. Participants will get their hands on physics equipment and software used by physicists and learn about physics research. In last year’s ASPIRE workshop, participants worked on three separate radio-themed projects where they searched for a hidden transmitter using antennas and oscilloscopes, analyzed real data from the ANITA neutrino experiment in Mathematica, and programmed an Arduino to produce their own mini-radio station.

Physicists from all levels—undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral, and professor—come together to share their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm with workshop attendees. Together, we foster the next generation of women scientists by giving them exposure to real research environments, challenges, and rewards.

It is not expected that participants have any physics or mathematics background and thus there are no previous course requirements for the workshop. However, we have noticed that students have a more constructive experience if they have taken trigonometry and possibly some exposure to physics in the classroom.

There is a $50 fee for participation in the workshop. If this fee is overly burdensome, scholarships are available. Please contact the coordinator ( for more information.

ASPIRE is made possible by generous support of the National Science Foundation through NSF CAREER Award 1255557, the Center for Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (CCAPP), and the Department of Physics at The Ohio State University.