Affiliate Memberships – OCWiC ACMW

*Included Memberships for 
Affiliate Member Employees
Friend 1
Bronze 4
Silver 6
Gold 8
Platinum 10
Diamond 12

Affiliate memberships are offered to institutions, such as schools, companies, non-profits. As an Affiliate, you can cover Professional membership for your employees and have increased access to job seekers and volunteers. Affiliate organizations have access to the private LinkedIn group for recruiting student and professional members, and have recognition as Chapter Sponsors on all of our publications.

By upgrading your Celebration sponsorship to Affiliate Level Chapter membership, your organization gets more access and impact for your sponsorship buck.

Dues / 2 years

$1000, or Bronze+ Sponsor at Celebration


Professional memberships for # employees*

Post jobs to private LinkedIn group

Access to resume DB

Virtual job fair as employer Recognition on website/ newsletter

Interested? Please contact