OCWiC ACM-W Professional Chapter members come from different stages of their career, from different domains and with different needs and interests.  Membership provides services of value and benefits for everyone.

Membership is available with flexible requirements at each level, and the values of membership grow with your career.

Membership dues are valued according to level. Every member may either pay for membership, or earn it through a recognized activity. So if you can contribute a small amount of dues, or by participating in some non-tangible way, then you can get the benefits of membership. Alternatively, if you don’t have a lot of time, you may pay dues.

How to Join

More time than money? Membership is free for active volunteers. There are lots of ways to contribute.

More money than time? Pay dues or donate. We’ll put it to the best use possible.

Membership Levels


Dues /2 yrs: $10, or attendance at Celebration

Student members give our Chapter its energy and purpose.

Student members get a lot: local and regional events calendar, discounted registration at affiliated events, listing in the resume DB, connection with employers, weekly newsletter.

Membership is a key that unlocks the OCWiC ACMW Professional Chapter for you. [


Dues /2 yrs: $50, or paid registration at Celebration, or listed in Celebration program

Members at the professional level are the power and strength of the OCWiC ACMW Professional Chapter.  

Professional members get all of the benefits of student membership, plus you are able to vote and take a larger role in the Community.

You can build your professional network by using our private LinkedIn group, and you can build your resume by presenting at the Celebration.

You can nominate yourself or colleagues for leadership positions, and vote on issues that affect the Community.

You get the OCWiC newsletter, plus ACMW Professional Chapter publications.

You also get all of the benefits of student membership.


Dues /2 yrs: $15/year, or 1+ years in Leadership and/ or Officer role

Leadership members are our Chapter MVPs – Most Valued Professionals.

At this level, you are one of the selected group that oversee the events, projects and communities of OCWiC..

You will get all of the benefits of Professional Membership, plus write for the blog/newsletter, and attend our annual Leadership Summit.

Open Leadership Positions


Dues /2 yrs: $1000/year, or Bronze+ Sponsor at Celebration

Affiliate members provide the Chapter with deep professional networks, mentors and financial support.

Affiliates get Professional memberships for employees and have increased access to job seekers and volunteers.

Affiliate memberships are offered to institutions, such as schools, companies, non-profits.

You will also have access to the private LinkedIn group for recruiting student and professional members, and have recognition as Chapter Sponsors on all of our publications.

By upgrading your Celebration sponsorship to Chapter membership, will get more access and impact for your sponsorship buck.